The Causes for Concern

The Causes for Concern

Cousteau Society.32

Cousteau Society.32

by Jacques-Yves Cousteau

Excerpted from The Causes for Concern, by Jacques-Yves Cousteau Copyright © The Cousteau Society, Inc., 1976

“Recently, my crew and I were conducting archeological explorations in the Aegean Sea on board my research ship Calypso. We discovered on the island of Dia, only five miles off the northern coast of Crete, a submerged harbor probably built 5,000 years ago by Cycladic or proto-Minoan colonies.

A careful excavation of the bottom of the harbor produced artifacts that told the story of Mediterranean civilization – a record of wars, revolutions, conquests, plunders, ecological crimes. In our own recent past, world wars, civil wars, revolution!

How dare we brush that lesson aside and irresponsibly indulge in costly atomic commodities that are absolutely sure to bring about disasters to our great grandchildren?

A few cable lengths from Calypso, on the island of Dia, aerial photographs taken from my helicopter have revealed traces of Minoan villages and settlements, and the foundations of long, ten-foot thick cyclopean wall, part of a formidable fortification system.

In 1650 B.C., Santorini’s volcano exploded one-hundred miles away. A three-hundred-foot-high tidal wave (tsunami) swept away villages and fortifications, forests, and people, and left behind, as it did with other islands, bare rock.

What would be the consequences of such a disaster be in a nuclear-powered civilization?”


Editor’s note: And then, on March 11, 2011, came the earthquake and tsunami to Japan’s shores, killing thousands, and causing three nuclear reactors at Fukushima to go to go into full blown meltdown. These reactors are still spewing ever more lethal radioactive materials in the Pacific Ocean, and into our atmosphere, the “sea” in which we all live and breathe.

And such a catastrophe could not be predicted?? Thirty foot high sea walls were considered adequate to protect the nuclear reactors from tsunamis? Have all “civilizations” throughout history ignored warnings?