Visions for a Healthy Taos – Summer 2014

Visions for a Healthy Taos РSummer  2014

Has anyone walked up to you and asked you “What are your visions for a healthy future?

In the summer of 2014, a few folks from Take Back Our Sky ! went to Kit Carson Park in Taos, and asked people to write down their Visions for a Healthy Taos. Their visions were posted on a board for all to see. It was fun and interesting.


There also was a notebook which said on the cover:

If you are happy, please write in this notebook what makes you happy….

If you are not happy, please read this notebook


Our Visions for a Healthy Taos are  rather predictible:

  • Clean Air to Breathe
  • Deep Blue Skies with White Puffy Clouds
  • A Prosperous Community with Alert Healthy People