Look UP ! – Chemtrail Activists Take to the Streets

Look Up ! – Chemtrail Activists Take to the Streets of Taos


By Cody Hooks

The Taos News

You might have seen them on the corner of Kit Carson Road and Paseo. Their signs say “Look Up !” and they are part of a relatively new group of self-described concerned citizens raising awareness about geoengineering, what many in Taos know as “chemtrails” — those jet-made streaks of cloud that linger in the atmosphere for hours.

Eleanor Smyth and Edward Kraucunas moved to Taos only a few months ago from Connecticut, where they observed some chemtrails but not to the extent they’ve seen in Northern New Mexico. “We found [Take Back Our Sky ! ] just by asking around for ways to act towards the solutions,” Kraucunas told The Taos News. That brought them into touch with people like Sigrid Erika, a 28-year resident Taos resident.

The commonality amongst their group? “We can see them.” As for what chemtrails are made of chemically, Erika said they are trying to figure that out, though they believe the clouds are purposefully dense in chemicals, some of which may be harmful to human health in untold ways. “We demand to know what it is — how it may be affecting our health,” she said. Erika said folks in the group have theories on either “swing of the pendulum” — from chemtrails being used to “suppress and dumb-down the population” to a benevolent but ultimately harmful government- approved geo-engineering project to combat climate change.

“But we set aside our theories because we all agree we want this to stop,” said Liz Kelner, another active member in the group. Erika sees chemtrails as alarming phenomena because everyone shares the same air and earth. “We can’t refuse to breathe,” she said. “What we really want is for people to do their own research about what’s covering our sunrises and sunsets,” she said.

Take Back Our Sky  originated out of a collective experience at an event in the fall featuring Elana Freeland, a geo-engineering author and activist. That event drew about 200 people, Kelner said. And from it nearly 25 people became actively involved in Take Back Our Sky. Now, a core group of people are working intensely to ramp up their awareness campaign.

“We want to get people to see this because most people would rather not see it,” Kelner said.

“We just want people to be curious. We’re helping them be willing to see.” “If we had unmarked trucks spraying chemicals in the streets, people wouldn’t stand for it. They’d demand to know. But up in the sky they get away with it,” Kelner said.


Kraucunas said one of the biggest obstacles the group faces is the labeling of chemtrails, or geo-engineering, as a conspiracy theory. “[The government] already said they were contrails — simply clouds of water vapor formed by the normal exhaust of airplanes.” When folks stand at the corner of Taos Plaza with signs and gas masks, it’s likely Smyth is one of them. From her experience, she said, there are three groups of people: those who reject the possibility of chemtrails outright and look angry driving past, those who are a little bit curious and, lastly, those who honk, wave and give the group “the thumbs-up” in acknowledgement and gratitude.

“But the hardest part is talking to people you know,” Erika said. “Especially family. They think I believe something unbelievable.” Taking a cue from chemtrails activists in California, Take Back Our Sky ! hopes the local government will one day pass an ordinance declaring the town and county “chemtrails free.” Though the gesture would ultimately be symbolic, they said, it would serve the end-game of raising awareness among the community and also send a message throughout the levels of government.

Though past inquiries to the federal government about chemtrails have led nowhere, they said their group is strategizing about how to approach state and federal government, both on their own and in coordination with other chemtrails activists outside of Taos. Take Back Our Sky !  also plans to have local water tested at an independent lab in Santa Fe for chemicals, minerals and elements supposedly present in chemtrails.

The group also shares information and tips about how to protect themselves from chemtrails, including using different kinds of herbal supplements to reduce toxins in the body. Kelner, a grandmother, told The Taos News, “it’s very unbearable to think about what’s happening to [my granddaughter] and the world she’s going to have to try to live in.” But Take Back Our Sky ! is taking that urgency and turning it into further action.

Already they’ve put together localized literature in English and Spanish and they’re in the midst of raising money for a website, bumper stickers and possibly even a billboard.

On Tuesday, Feb. 17, Take Back Our Sky ! will screen the movie “What in the World Are They Spraying?” at 6:30 p.m., at Moby Dickens Bookshop. Admission is free.

Kelner said they understand why it’s hard to organize around chemtrails as well as almost anything else — life is hard, with most people under some kind of financial stress just trying to live and make a living.

Still, they implore people to take the first step and Look Up!.