Look UP! – “My Turn” Editorial – Taos News

LOOK UP ! – “My Turn” –  Editorial

Taos News – December 4, 2014

By Liz Kelner


Look Up! – Watching out my window as I type this letter, I see our sacred blue Taos sky being scarred with white poison and my heart breaks and I fear for the well-being of all of us. A sky criss-crossed – a vast blue canvas painted with various quantities of aluminum, strontium, barium, cadmium and other chemicals known to cause the worst of human diseases.

Official statements explain that this is “geoengineering” – a way to manipulate the weather in response to the challenges of climate change. However, those responsible for this vast program are not telling us the truth of what they are for, what is in them and what the health effects for us will be.

This is not a conspiracy theory…this is for real. “Chem trails” are not “con trails” which are vapor trails from airplanes that dissipate as they form and disappear with the airplane. “Chem trails” don’t disappear.

The plane I’m watching as I type is so high it’s almost invisible but the white trail it’s leaving behind is not.

Now I see a second one… they are relentless today though there are days, increasingly few, when they don’t appear at all and the Taos sky is as it used to be. Often very early in the morning there are many trails in a clear sky that then spread and spread until the sky is white to greet Taos as it wakes up.


Many days the trails continue and the sky stays white with the sun shining thru the haze. The clouds are looking stranger and stranger. This is not the Taos sky that generations of Taosenos have known and loved and artists have been painting for so many years …something is happening in our sky and we need to do something about it!

I believe that we are in an “emperor has no clothes” moment. Human nature seems to lead us to not see what is there before our eyes when it feels safer not to see it – like the poor folks in the folk tale who commented to each other how beautiful the Emperor’s clothes were even though he was clearly naked. It took one little boy – brave or wired for truth or just naive – to speak out and say the truth of what he saw.

Now I see another trail – this one is almost above me in El Prado and it’s spreading. The chemicals in it will come down on me and my grandchild and my cat, on my neighbors, on our sacred mountains, in our rivers, on our mesas and on you. Now I see another one out my west window… this is a bad chem trail day – Tuesday,





November 25th. Did you see them? The Emperor has no clothes! They are poisoning our skies!

We need to be willing to see and demand the truth about what we see even when it scares us and feels more than overwhelming to try to stop it.

We must demand that our government and our media tell us exactly what these chemicals are that are spewing out of the airplanes flying above our heads. And the truth of why! Blood, urine, soil and water tests in other high “chem trail” areas reveal alarming elevated levels of chemicals that are known to cause cancer, asthma, skin disorders and much more. What are our levels here in Taos? We need to know!

Together we must save our skies and our land and each other!

There is now a group in Taos – “Take Back Our Sky – Taos” that is meeting to challenge this health hazard unfolding above us in plain sight. Please join us. We meet on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month at Unity of Taos, 69 Blueberry Hill Road, or see us on facebook, – Take Back Our Sky! Call 575-779-0282 for more information.  And please, keep Looking Up!



www.SkyderAlert.com   see the trailer “Look Up”, and also get the “App”

www.Youtube.com   Search for:

“Why In The World Are They Spraying ?”

“What In The World Are They Spraying ?”

www.globalskywatch.com go to “Chemtrail Ailments” for a comprehensive listing

 www.TakeBackOurSkyTaos.org   The website of our local activist organization

Visit us on facebook: Take Back Our Sky !

Editor’s note: “My Turn” is an opinion article by citizens at large, that appears on the editorial page of the Taos News, a weekly newspaper distributed throughout Taos County,  New Mexico,  and beyond..