Treating Differences with Respect, Interest – Editorial


The Taos News – “My Turn” – Editorial

As a life long activist involved in issues of peace and justice, I am offended by Mr. Brown’s depiction [Daniel Brown: ‘Relax, the sky isn’t falling!’, June 4] of activists as folks who “need an issue to sink their teeth into” to avoid a lack of purpose in their lives; as folks who move from one issue to another “when something juicier comes along.”

I can assure him that our current efforts to bring light to the nefarious geoengineering experiment in our skies is anything but “juicy.” It’s the hardest and most challenging activist work I have ever done. I stick with it because I believe that exposing the “truth” about this program and the “chem trails” we see sprayed in our sky almost every day is a crucial step to our understanding and stopping a program that we believe is causing unacceptable health risks to all life on this planet.

Those of us working with Take Back Our Sky Taos have done extensive research, are smart and discerning and for us to be addressed so disparagingly and with so little respect by Mr. Brown is unacceptable.

While we don’t all agree in our understanding of the goals of the geoengineering program beyond its use as a method of weather control and as a program to impact climate change, we strive to treat each other and our differences with respect and interest.

I believe those of us involved in this challenging work must commit to expressions of mutual respect for each other and I invite Mr. Brown to join us in this endeavor. I believe this is especially critical among those of us who are actively working to support the well-being of our planet in order for us to have even a whisper of a chance to save it. – Liz Kelner

Liz Kelner is a social worker living in El Prado.