Poisoning Life From The Sky


By David Gwilym

My first scent of what people called “chemtrails” was over ten years ago, my younger brother had returned from a holiday in Gran Canaria and was told of the practice by a friend he met there so he was anxious to ask his elder brother if there was indeed any truth to this. Like the majority of people who first learn of this spraying of our skies I immediately rolled my eyes and gave the autonomous reply of “yeah, ok, conspiracy theorist”. The seed had been planted though and as time went by I was witnessing what I thought of as a rare phenomena (at best) to be taking place more frequently overhead. I have been through the process of ridicule and suffered alienation from my peers which just validates the strength of the denial structures put out there by the mainstream media and the powers that be. Fast forward ten years and prestigious Universities such as Oxford and Cambridge have held conferences on solar radiation management, stratospheric aerosol spraying, albedo modification and a plethora of newly formed ever changing scientific terms for what is carried out.

I didn’t believe at first that it was of a nefarious nature but now with many years of closely following and analyzing the tactics implemented I can draw no other conclusion. The almost permanent white haze sky here in the UK is just accepted as the norm, understandably so as they are not just about to roll these programs out, they have been in place for the last decade so the white sky factually is the norm. I fear the official rolling out of mass scaled programs for many reasons but those I shall keep to myself for now. I created this video to spread awareness, let’s hope it works, now it’s your turn.